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Loma is Awesome for All Hair Types!

My Personal Experience with these amazing Loma Products:

I started putting Loma on my wild curly hair since my mom (Fatima Pahud=The best hairstylist in the world) advised me to do it and I've never stopped using it ever since. I applied the Loma Products such as molding cream, smoothing cream, firm hold gel, and nourishing oil treatment and it was a definite game changer. My thick brown curly hair became alive and happier. The molding cream gave more volume and definition to my curls. The nourishing oil treatment gave my hair a healthier and shiny look as well as strengthening my hair with all natural organic ingredients, and it protects my hair from breakage, also my hair dries really fast thanks to this product. The smoothing cream gave my curly hair control because it literally TAMED my curls and let me tell you this is another great product for the hair that levels and smooths the hair out. Every time I comb my hair with this genius product, it actually slides smoothly through my hair without any fuss. The firm hold gel is a very brilliant product because just using it a small amount can come a long way, since I've used this gel to accentuate my curls to make it more captivating and it did not disappoint, my curls became slick and beautiful. These fantastic Loma products are the products you are missing since they nourish and protect all hair types, so come on down to La Belle Vie Salon and buy these incredible and healthy products for your hair!

Rafika Pahud

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